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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 15, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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and that will switch to snow as we go into the evening timeframe over into tomorrow morning rather. as you look at the temperatures, we're coming in at 36 degrees and 27 in perry hall now as we check out what is going on. patchy fog. we can see that humidity and the dew and the temperature at 31 and then we look at the planner. we can see what is going on. >> the high coming in at 53. that is mild out there fet out there. do your errands. the nightmare is over for people on the triumph.
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they spend five days at sea with no power. we have the details this morning. what can you tell us. >> here it is and it docked. four hours later all of the passengers were off the chip. >> dry land at last. >> the carnival's passengers kissing the ground as they leave their miserable prison. >> and the sewer was backing up, there would be 6 inches all over the ship in the dining ar where we had to eat. pooh emwere slip and fall. >> the vench and lack of power drove many of the 4000 people on board to live and sleep in a shanty town on the deck a nightmare that started sunday when a fire knocked out the
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four engines leaving the vessel stranded in the gulf. >> we didn't know if you were going to explode, catch on fire. you know for a day or two, we didn't see any sign of life. that's scary when you are out there on the water. >> after eight days at sea, the tug boats brought the ship into dock in alabama. the ceo of carnival going on board offering reimbursement. a cruise. $500 apology. >> i know it was difficult. i want to apologize for subjecting our guests to that. >> reporter: many feel that's just not enough. they board the buses finally heading towards home. >> and i'm happy to be back. >> reporter: some of those buss are heading back to texas where the cruise originated. some of the other buses took a shorter two hour trip to new
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orleans so the passengers to take a shower and get some sleep. they will fly home later today. back to you. >> some relief for those lost at sea. >> back on dry land. and speaking of that. that's how the commute is going to get you where you need to go. and here is lauren cook with a look at -- look at traffic. >> we're dealing with a crash along the southbound lanes. there are more problems in baltimore where there is a crash at now if you are heading out on 83 as we check in and take a look here north of 695 and normal conditions. no delays heading into the city. it will make you 11 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway all the way downtown to fayette street. and no problems whatsoever and the inner loop and the utter loop will take you 11 minutes
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traveling from 95 all the way to 83. on the west side. you are looking at a normal 7 minute trip on the outer loop from # 95 to 70. that's a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. and news out of russia. are watching fors asteroid that will skirt the atmosphere. those in russia's earl mountain region were hit by fragments of the meteor. and it injured more than 400 people. >> this is video. take a look at this. >> that the buildings were hit and windows shattered following the impact 56 or 6 fragments that exploded. video have been popping up showing the atmosphere and breaking apart in a flash. the damage occurred in the area of the injuries were reportedly due to the broken class.
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the everyones caused panic but scientists con clouted that it is not connected with the asteroid. it is the size of a swimming pool. you may think that's a long way. and they're up around 23,000 miles above the surface. video coming in and it is incredible every time a man accused of a murder is due to be in court. the trial is expected to start today for quintan bass. it happened in front of a home and we'll let you know what happens in court today. can you find us on twit weir updates. now to a story so many questions about the shooting that left a recruit in critical condition.
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the train yeah was shot by a baltimore city police officer during a training exercise this week at the rose wood center. and we have the latest. and what news do you have? >> the instructor is an 18-year veteran of the police department he has been training recruits for many years now. he is william scott kearn. he was working with a group 560 trainees at the center when he fired a round. he is in critical but stable condition. they released a statement saying it centers whether charges will filed. they will determine if the policies and procedures were violated. the head of the union said that he was dedicated to his job and loved working with recruits.
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what remains unclear is if the city was even clear to use the facility as a training center this week. the commanders didn't know the training exercises were being held there. we're live at police headquarters. >> friends and family will say goodbye to a teen stabbed during the ravens parade. it will be held for deonta smith. he was attacked on howard street after getting into a fight with young men. the parents are asking anyone with information to come forward. news time is 6:07. more gun control talk. a group of senators andadvocates will speak on the implications on the firearms safety act. it can criminalize law-abiding citizens. and we're hearing about the death penalty and the governor has denounced a practice of capital punishment calling it,
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quote, costry -- racially biased and deterring violent criminals. a teacher is now facing the fight of his life. he has stage 4 cancer. what his co-workers are doing for him to help him so he can get some rest that he needs to recover. the benefits of using social media. he is an internet sensation. the attention one student is getting after forecasting the weather on a tv station, look out. >> you're right. the doppler radar is live but we have rain and snow. when that arrives coming up. >> we have a crash. and all the details coming up. >> and a live picture and times square let's head there for the
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tech bites. >> and the there is a bug in the operating system and makes it possible to bypass the code. and it will be filling apple products t with is not known but it includes apple tvs. it has a report rate base. >> and the calls increased. and the wedding crashers are now crashing going until a movie. >> they are out of work who are interns.
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thank you for joining us. he gained a following for this forecast on the weather. take a look, including you lynette. >> you like that. >> he has the hands and everything. >> that's a meteorologist -- [ laughter ] >> and he is a big time. and there have been more than 750,000. >> 17 degrees in for ago. i never thought that i would get this much attention.
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>> and. >> he gives viewers highs and lows. >> and a tornado hit the region. and select committee got smarter. >> he got more valentines this year. >> now that he is a big shot. >> i'll send you tomorrow. >> i like the fact he is smart and has a personality. >> he had the hands. >> and we will have it this evening. >> and more about that coming up. >> we'll have the clouds
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increasing. and this is sliding away from us. and allowing and we'll have pressure and the rain to start off. and we're at 36 in stevens phil. they are above average. >> let's check out the future trend, we will put this in motion. >> this is going to happen. the first one this will start out as the rain. what happens is that on the
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backside we could be wrapping up as it switches over. we could be seeing maybe 1 to 2. this is a dusting around the city and points elsewhere. as we head through. we think it will stay away. and this is hugging the coast. temperature at 53. it will be mild and we are blustery after the system movers through. we'll see more sunshine in the forecast as we go into monday. >> let's get a check of traffic with lauren cook. >> we have some good news heading out to 95. >> an accident has been cleared here. >> you will not have any problems. >> here in hunt valley. nice and normal.
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>> from the line to 6 # 5. >> no delays. >> that's a look at your. and a. >> and. now from the spca. you have a guest for the week. who do we have here. >> this john. he is the happennest dog ever. [ laughter ] his hair is a little wild, i pay attention to the animals their demeanor. and sense of space. he is shaking now. >> i think that he is a little wiredas the dogs can tend to be. one of the things we discovered. when they are greeted and
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excited. and. >> we're safe now. the tail will tuck between. >> and. >> ignore time. it is a hard transition. if you walk past them. it should calm things down. >> and what is going on the next few weeks. >> we have a kick off next
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friday downtown dog. >> if you want more information about these guy here call and can you find out about him on your web site. what do you think? when you talk about ignoring the dog the look is like what you are talking about. >> i want to mention you that mentioned march for the animals on the 21st of april. >> yes. >> thank you. go to the spca. we want to pass along health news. you are having a tough time taking off weight. we may be able to help you out and it may be easy as the click of a button. more are successful at using social media to reach their goals. >> and what they are doing.
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if you. >> and it goes on to say that you can use social media by snapping pictures of your meal. >> and we're talking about jane lin purchase glee. she stops with whoopie goldberg. >> do you think i don't want to do this today? >> sure. >> fundamentally there are days when i don't want to be bothered. i0 don't care, you know i don't want to be there. then reality kicks in let's look at what happens if you just say no i don't want to do it. >> no job, no money.
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no money no lifestyle. no lifestyle. depression,. >> so i get up and get my behind out of bed i do what i'm supposed to do. >> everyone feels that way once in a while. you can catch the show today here on abc 2. and like she was talking about snow job or money. not a problem for a family out of virginia. we'll introduce you to the couple they won 217 in the jack pot. >> and gangham style kicked to the curb. and the viral dance crazy. it has news anchoring getting involved. >> would you? >> i would not. >> and we will be right back. we're heading to break now. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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it is dark out there. how the forecast is looking. it will be interesting. in the mine time speaking of interesting. a couple, they have some luck on their side. >> and they picked up a check for 217 million. dave honeywell bought it this month at an airport in virginia on wait to a convention. he got distracted out in denver when he realized that he got distracted he says. he realized wow, i'm a multimillionaire. >> i read the numbers left to right. i said no. i said this cannot be. my hands are shaking like this. [ laughter ] >> and i can bear live read the ticket any mother i was shaking so bad. >> they took the cash payout. that's $136 million before. tas of. the first thing is a car to
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replace their 13-year-old one. it has 170,000 miles on it but after taxes, they will take out about 68 million. >> i'm sure they can buy a car with that. >> a few. >> gosh i wish that would happen to me. we poverty pictures and let you caption. today's picture was submitted by shannon riley. it is of her terrier. he is watching the dog show. how great is this picture. >> and it is a generating a ton of comments. >> i bonder whos could his hair. and i'm in love. patty cross her caption was i want to grow up and be on that green carpet. there he go. mr. america. >> and keep your captions coming. we're enjoying them. i need some pictures to use next week. e-mail them to pix at post it on my facebook page. back to you. >> all right. you probably will not see this
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on our set. check it out. news casters in louisiana caught in the dance fever. they decided to try out the harlem shake dance fad. it starts with a person, charlie shaking it and chen everyone jump notice. everyone else joins sometimes as can you see with a variety of costumes. >> during the break. get it started. now we learned this week zombies. they're rahm emanuel people. they can strike in a moment. >> if you believe in the zombie apocalypse. we'll tell you how can you get in the best shape, fighting shape to fight off the walking dead.
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a teacher is preparing to undergo cancer treatment. these kids have been through so many experiences so beyond their years. why they share a bond. >> do you need to a new dishwasher and refrigerator, this could be the weekend to do it. saving on the purchases. we'll tell you about it on this friday the 15th. >>


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